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SMASH™ is the corner stone for further development of insurance services, and is the result of a collaboration with clients  from a general service platform.  SMASH TM allows our clients to launch new business models made possible by digitalisation. SMASH is cloud-based, and each business model is launched as focused modules.

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Dynamic Car Insurance™

Dynamic Car Insurance™ connects GPS with artificial intelligence (AI). The GPS system helps you plan
your trip and avoid hazards (e.g. wildlife, crime and poor road conditions). It also adds an environmental aspect by providing different routes and alternatives.
In the event of an accident, the driver gets connected to the emergency services control center that provides information and assistance with a rental car, searching for an injured animal or contacting the police. In order to help both the insurance company as well as the driver, we can initiate an automated claims process in the event of an accident. This includes pictures and descriptions where the driver's choices determine the questions to be answered.

Dynamic Car Insurance™ can further help the driver find a secure parking spot and also use the driver's behaviour to enable a dynamic premium for the customer, while also reducing the damage claims for the insuring company.

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Insured Home™

Connects existing technologies and adds business benefit and customer loyalty - targeting:

FIRE - Sensors connected to AI. For instance if the iron is on and nobody is home. In the event of an actual fire, the sensors are connected to the emergency services control center for a quick response.

FLOOD - Sensors use AI to detect abnormal water consumption or leaks, and can turn the water off if no one is home.

THEFT - sends a notification if your valuables leave home with help from tracking sensors and GPS. It also creates a security hub and an automated claims process.

INSURANCE COVER - by analysing the credit cards of the insured family, a database of valuable products can be built. This will provide feedback to the buyer if a new purchase is not covered by the current home insurance and an additional micro insurance is needed.

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