The Company


With our sector expertise, Conoctica builds ready-made software products to support the roll out of new business models made possible by technology.
We focus on the insurance sector for which we
created SMASH™ – an open insurance platform with several modules - each finding new solutions to a dedicated technology-based business model.

Development firsts are our two modules
Dynamic Car InsuranceTM (DCI) and Insured Home™ (IH). Both are direct modules for car as well as home insurance, and are offered as a SaaS solution.


Our services part is based on several years of different development projects for global customers, mainly within the insurance industry. We have acquired and merged companies and will continue to do so in order to strengthen the organisation and the company as a whole.

Our services team is delivering phase 1 and phase 2 in the
SMASH™ process described in this document, and is also responsible for servicing our customers once the modules are launched.